2016-17 Budget Update

The Keystone Recreation, Parks and Conservation Fund: Increase of $8.6 million Agriculture Conservation and Easement Purchase Fund: Increase of $1.1 million Environmental Stewardship Fund: dispersing $108.4 million (including a $35 million from Oil & Gas Lease Fund and $6.1 million from Marcellus Legacy Fund; Growing Greener II debt service is $36.3 million. Oil and Gas […]

PALTA Urges Congress to Renew Land & Water Conservation Fund

PALTA also advocated for renewal of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which was renewed in December by Congress. Below is a PALTA opinion piece regarding LWCF published by Pennsylvania media outlets: Senators and Representatives should not leave Washington without renewing a modest program that helps preserve our nation’s natural resources and cultural heritage. For […]