Protecting Our Community Parks

Pennsylvania House Bill 2224 (2011-12) would have allowed county and local governments to sell our local parks for easy cash. Public land, including much-loved parks, would have been put at risk of being sold for short-term gain or on a political whim. The bill attempted to repeal longstanding rules that ensure government cannot sell parks and other greenspaces if the lands benefit the public.

The bill died in the 2011-2012 legislative session. Thanks to the hard work of conservation advocates, the bill was never brought to the floor for a vote.

If another attempt to dismantle our community parks occurs in the future, the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association and its partners will make sure that park supporters and conservationists are properly informed and engaged in the new legislative process from the beginning.

Parks are vital resources for Pennsylvanians: they allow people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with the outdoors, while serving as educational and recreational hubs in communities across the state. PALTA is determined to protect them for the benefit of current and future generations.