Nonprofits & Lobbying

Lobbying Rules & 501(c)3 Organizations 
by Pennsylvania Land Trust Association
501(c)3 organizations can lobby to positively affect legislative outcomes but they must follow IRS regulations as well as state and federal regulations dealing with lobbyist registrations and reporting.

The Nonprofit Lobbying Guide
by Independent Sector
This is a handbook for volunteers and staff of charitable organizations, especially new volunteers and staff, to help them understand the rules for lobbying by charities. It includes advice on how to effectively lobby and the rules nonprofits must follow when doing so.

Influencing Public Policy in the Digital Age: The Law of Online Lobbying and Election-related Activities 
by Alliance for Justice
This guide aims to answer the questions nonprofit managers most frequently face regarding the Internet and social media in terms of lobbying and involvement in political campaigns.

Participation in Legislative Lobbying & Ballot Measure Campaigns by Non-Profit Organizations
by Conservation Campaign
Fact sheet on appropriate levels of engagement and activities for nonprofits to participate in lobbying and ballot measure campaigns.

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